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Mike Bockus

State Representative Democratic Candidate for OK HD 41

I look forward to working on legislation that improves the lives of Oklahomans.

About Me

A native Oklahoman, Mike was born and raised in the small southeastern town of Wilburton. Both of his parents taught at Wilburton Public Schools, and instilled in him their closely held beliefs of the value and importance of public education and personal investment in the community.

After graduating from Wilburton High School, Mike sought higher education at the University of Oklahoma. There he quickly became involved in campus life and was an active member of the OU RUF/NEKS as he worked to earn his degree. As a RUF/NEK, Mike was thrilled to be afforded the opportunity to participate in one of his favorite pastimes, cheering on the Oklahoma Sooners.

Upon earning his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, Mike began his career as a software engineer for IBM in Austin, Texas. While working for IBM he also earned his Master’s Degree in Software engineering from the University of Texas.

In 2006, Mike married his longtime best friend, Charlene. Shortly after relocating to Austin, the couple decided to start a family. While living in Austin, working, and going to school, Mike realized the truth to the adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” In order to foster close family relationships and establish roots in a community in which their three children could flourish, Mike and Charlene made the decision to return to Oklahoma.

Mike and his family have enjoyed living in northwest Oklahoma City since 2011. Mike is fortunate to have a fulfilling career as a software engineer with a local consulting group as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma. He finds making a positive impact in his community by coaching his childrens’ sports teams, robotics teams and supporting their local schools particularly rewarding pursuits. Mike strives to create within his community a place of belonging, opportunity, safety, and growth.


Education is the building block of a flourishing society. Oklahoma’s youth are entitled to an accessible and appropriate education through our public school system. Historically, state legislators routinely pass legislation regarding budget and operations for our schools that neglect or harm our children, educators, and threaten our schools. It is critical for the future of Oklahoma that we provide adequate funding to our public schools, and do not engage in legislating teachers out of the classroom.

Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to accessible and appropriate education in the following ways:

  • Invest in the future of Oklahoma by addressing the dismally inadequate and consistently reduced funding budgeted for our schools.
  • Respect educators and seek to honor their opinions regarding proposed education legislation and how the consequences of such legislation would affect our children and school systems when put into action.

Improving the quality, safety, and accessibility of healthcare is an essential function of our government. In national studies, Oklahoma consistently ranks near the bottom of all states in healthcare. Providing access to safe, affordable, and quality healthcare is crucial for assuring positive health outcomes for Oklahomans.

Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to safe, accessible, and quality healthcare in the following ways:

  • Ensure affordable and accessible healthcare is available to all Oklahomans, including members of vulnerable populations such as minorities, women, and those belonging to the 2SLGBTQ+ community.
  • Reduce the cost of life saving medications necessary for thousands of Oklahomans.
  • Invest in mental health and disability programs that provide Oklahomans access to these vital services.

The cornerstone of American democracy and one of the most fundamental rights of citizenship is the right to vote in elections. Voting enables citizens to direct how the government best serves us, but our democracy only works when every voice is heard.

Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to fair and accessible voting in the following ways:

  • Expand early voting (in-person absentee voting) by increasing the number of polling places that participate in early voting, thereby increasing Oklahomans’ opportunities to participate in our state and local governments.
  • Educate Oklahomans, particularly high school seniors, regarding the importance and function of voting, how they can register to vote and cast their ballot, what to expect at the polls, and other ways they can participate in order to create meaningful change for the future of Oklahoma.
  • Remove and limit barriers for citizens in getting state questions on the ballot. State questions enable voters to make the best choice for our communities when the state government fails to do so, and should not be restricted by elected officials.

Transparency is a critical foundational principle at all levels of government and is necessary to guarantee the essential right of citizens to understand how our government is serving us. Insufficient transparency often leads to abuse of power and a lack of accountability.

Mike pledges to fight for Oklahomans’ rights to transparency and accountability in the following ways:

  • Reinforce Oklahomans’ trust in our state and local governments by providing information and service that is built on the scaffolding of transparency.
  • Uphold accountability from elected officials. “Where are my tax dollars going?” and “How are you improving my community?” are only some of the often asked questions that require personal and professional accountability from those in our government.

Oklahoma House District 41

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